Why 3 in 10 Fleets Aren’t ELD Compliant

By Team Writer / March 11, 2019

ELD stands for electronic logging device, and regulations were put into place in December of 2017 to mandate certain specifications for truckers to follow. Oftentimes, fleets are not compliant to these guidelines because the drivers refuse to take part in the appropriate training when it comes to operational safety. Taking part in the course training associated with the ELD program will ensure optimal safety of the driver, passenger, cargo, and anyone that they come into contact to while en route.

Key Takeaways:

  • Although the electronic logging device (ELD) mandate went into effect in December of 2017, by 2018, about 29% (3 in 10) of fleets were still not compliant.
  • While the language used for logging technology has changed over time, the basic premise of moving from paper logs to electronic logs has not changed.
  • Two barriers that have been identified in implementing e-logs are the hassle of installing the hardware and software, and acceptance by drivers and driver training.

“Some of those fleets had been grandfathered in with automatic onboard recording devices (AOBRDs) – 13% had plans to implement ELDs by December 2019.”

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