When Should You Change Oil?

By Team Writer / November 6, 2016

Many companies are opting to perform oil analysis for their vehicles onsite rather than sending it out or just changing the oil or filters when the generic rule-of-thumb tells them to. Some companies found they were able to double the amount of time in between changes, which resulted in less downtime and less money spent on maintenance. This makes sense, as it is wasteful and time-consuming to change parts and oil when it is not actually needed.

Key Takeaways:

  • To compensate, the fleet is switching from a synthetic oil blend to full synthetic to make it to 10,000 miles, with the hope of extending it out to 15,000 miles.
  • Technicians take a sample at every single PM service, and they can retrieve the results before completing the service to determine if oil needs to be changed.
  • The fleet purchased an oil analysis machine, switched to extended performance oil filters, and began using full synthetic oil.

“Oil change intervals can be different for each fleet and vehicle application, and what may work for one fleet may not work for another.”


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