What to Consider When Choosing Lift Axles

By Team Writer / September 1, 2019

Adding lift axles to your truck comes with both pros and cons. Although it allows the truck to carry a greater weight, it also makes maneuverability more difficult. One also has to consider that an axle design that’s acceptable in one state might not be acceptable in another. Different types of lift axles can potentially be more difficult to implement, with factors to consider such as if the axle works with your choice of tire. Lift axles come with two ratings, one for the axle itself and one for how much it can help carry.

Key Takeaways:

  • While a lift axle will certainly add payload capacity to your vehicle, it does also bring considerable extra weight.
  • Although liftable axles are allowed in many jurisdictions, they may also have specific requirements.
  • Those requirements for liftable axles on trailors can include automatic lifting or steering capability.

“There is no single lift-axle configuration that works everywhere, because of the wide variety of state and local regulations applicable to axle weights and spreads.”

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