What Fleet Managers Can Learn from a Navy SEAL

By Team Writer / July 10, 2017

Fleet managers can learn a thing or two from a Navy SEAL. People might think that being a fleet manager is very hard, but it is nothing compared to being a Navy SEAL. The SEAL training helps people cope with very stressful situations in life. Success depends on your mental state and your overall outlook on things and life.

Key Takeaways:

  • If you think being a fleet manager is stressful, try being a Navy SEAL.
  • A Navy SEAL is trained to respond to a situation, not to react to it, which is a good strategy for fleet managers, especially in dealing with management.
  • Focus on being goal-oriented in all aspects of fleet management, including driver productivity, safety, accident management, and so forth.

“You need to focus. You need to become goal-oriented. Or, in the parlance of a Navy SEAL, you need to focus on fulfilling the mission.”


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