Trucking Group Supports DOT for ‘Common Sense Trucking Safety Ruling’ – Material Handling & Logistics

By Team Writer / April 8, 2019

Right now, fleet operators are told to review and comply to a list of state rest break guidelines that are often repetitive and lack common sense. Fortunately, a movement started by Elaine Chao, the Transportation Secretary, is being funded to provide truckers with common sense rules that promote safe driving. The American Trucking Associations have come forward to commend the idea driven by Chao, and related departments are eager to see how these rules will be more comprehensive and straight-forward.

Key Takeaways:

  • Chris Spear asserts that the new rules is good not only for the trucking industry, but also for the economy and Americans.
  • The ATA petitioned the DOT about rest rules stating that the rules related to driver hours harms safety, conflicts with federal rules, and is unnecessarily burdening interstate commerce.
  • Spear states that congress has been slow in enforcing the rules despite bipartisan, bicameral support despite their importance for the work and safety of truck drivers.

“The American Trucking Associations commended Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao recently for granting the Federation’s petition to pre-empt confusing and duplicative state rest break rules, asserting the federal government’s critical role in regulating interstate commerce.”

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