Truck Drivers, Techs Most Satisfied at Smaller Fleets

By Team Writer / November 3, 2021

WorkHound issued its mid-year report based on surveys with more than 10,000 trucking company drivers, technicians and office staff. The report found that these workers are more satisfied at small- or mid-sized companies. In comparison, workers at larger companies were less likely to share positive feedback. Experts suggest that communication may be the issue, with larger companies losing the personal touch. Kim Daigel of P&S Logistics says that sometimes larger organizations think about the truck and not the driver. Her company attempts to maintain its original culture despite growing large.

Key Takeaways:

  • WorkHounds recent mid-year report suggests that there are a number of workers in the logistics field that tend to prefer a mid-size or smaller fleet company to work at.
  • Drivers, office personnel and technicians, seemed happier overall in the smaller venues.
  • Data was culled from more than 70 companies, utilizing surveys that asked key questions of more than 10,000 workers.

“At P&S Logistics, Daigel says as they’ve grown into a large company they’ve been trying to maintain aspects of the culture that made them successful as a smaller business.”

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