Trailers an Important Part of 2016 SuperTech

By Team Writer / September 27, 2016

Competitions, the challenger versus the challenger, to seek a title of being number one. There are competitions for everything these days. From professional sports, to new trends like vaping. Now it has come to light that there is even a competition for semi-trailers. With different categories in every aspect of a trailer, you better bet that one is the brakes.

Key Takeaways:

  • TMC’s SuperTech competition concluded Wednesday (September 21) with a special luncheon and reading of names of the numerous winners who trouped up one by one to get their awards.
  • It went on for more than two and a half hours, yet almost everyone in the audience, contestants and non-contestants alike, stayed ‘til the bitter end. Of course, they wanted to see who won.
  • The folks who run the Technology & Maintenance Council’s SuperTech program saw fit to inaugurate a Trailer Track for competitors. Trailers get little enough attention in the real world, and this new focus gives them the respect they deserve.

“Trailers (and truck bodies) are where the payloads go, after all. Besides, they’re getting more complex, and mechanics need to know what makes them tick – or hum, preferably.”

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