Trailer Aerodynamics Not Overly Popular, Study Shows

By Team Writer / September 26, 2016

Gas mileage. How important is it for truckers? A recent study of the top 17 companies hauling across the states and Canada found that most are not taking aerodynamic measures to maximize their gas consumption. Unfortunately many companies although aware of the possible cost savings have chosen not to add aerodynamic skirts and other props to save fuel because in the past gas has been low enough that the cost savings does not pay for itself. Currently their is a 21% adoption rate for truck aerodynamics. This should increase as the greenhouse gas rules come into phase 2.

Key Takeaways:

  • Peterbuilt released results of a study showing a 1.5 mpg savings when applying trailer aerodynamics
  • It took more than 20 years for the technology to gain wide acceptance
  • Trailer aerodynamics is still the least accepted fuel-saving technique

“While the 21% adoption rate for trailer aerodynamics is still relatively low, it will no doubt increase because trailers are a major focus of the federal Phase 2 Greenhouse Gas rules released last month.”

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