Top 12 Tips for Bumper-To-Bumper Winter Prep

By Team Writer / November 9, 2021

Inevitably, winter is on its way and certain part of the country are already experiencing inclement weather. For large parts of the nation, winter means low temperatures, occasional snow and ice. Those living in such areas should prepare their vehicles for winter season. Electronics should be checked, including connections to the systems providing metrics and controls, as those components are susceptible to failure. Ensure that components relying on good lubrication have enough lubricants to keep them going during adverse conditions.

Key Takeaways:

  • Winter means icy roads and winter prep for your tractor-trailer rig. Time to check the air brake chamber housings.
  • Look for corrosion specifically, as well as damage that could invite corrosion to take hold.
  • Standard winter prep includes thorough lubrication. Spend time on the drum-braked wheel ends and on the slack adjusters and shafts and cam tubes.

“Ensure free movement of air disc brake pads in the carrier. If necessary, remove them and clean the carrier surface with a wire brush.”

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