Toll Bridge Offers New Routing Option for Truckers Crossing Ohio River

By Team Writer / January 4, 2017

A new toll bridge, named the Lewis and Clark bridge, across the Ohio river is open. It connects Utica, Indiana and Prospect, Kentucky. Drivers with a toll transponder (EZ-Pass, PrePass or BestPass) will receive the best rates. This bridge is in addition to the North Abraham Lincoln Bridge and the South Kennedy Bridge that opened in earlier phases of this project. The three bridges combined double the cross-river capacity in this area.

Key Takeaways:

  • A new routing option has opened for truckers in the Midwest with the State Road 265 bridge across the Ohio River, known formerly as the East End bridge and now renamed the Lewis and Clark Bridge.
  • The project also included the North Abraham Lincoln Bridge and the South Kennedy Bridge in downtown Louisville, Kentucky.
  • The three new routes will reportedly double the cross-river capacity downtown. All three bridges will be tolled, and tolling is scheduled to begin on Dec. 30.

“The bridge connects Utica, Indiana, and Prospect, Kentucky, and was the final major piece of the $2.3 billion Louisville-Southern Indiana Ohio River Bridges Project to open to traffic.”


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