TMC Calls for Proactive Tire Pressure Management System

By Team Writer / March 7, 2019

TMC stands for the Technology & Maintenance Council, and they are responsible for setting industry standards in the management of tire pressure in common vehicles. By finding the perfect amount of tire pressure, the council analyzed three different attributes: load capacity, driving forces, braking forces, and environmental resistance. Each individual vehicle should have their own tire pressure limits after taking into account how heavy the cargo that they are carrying is weighed in at. The more cargo that is present, the more that it weighs down on the tire management system.

Key Takeaways:

  • The TMC future committee is working on automating the process of gauging tire pressure. It wants to build an automated system for actively managing tire inflation pressure.
  • The proposed system, though in recommendation stage, should be able to rapidly adjust tire inflation pressure when tire load, speed, temperature or vehicle changes.
  • It is noted by TMC that establishing a maximal tire inflation pressure depends on the maximum likely load expected at the wheel position of each vehicle.

“In an industry that struggles to get drivers to use a tire pressure gauge instead of whacking a tire with an axe handle, TMC is now saying that merely verifying a tire OE’s recommended pressure isn’t enough.”

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