Tire Data I Wish I’d Had as a Fleet Manager

By Team Writer / July 19, 2019

Tires have always been one of the major fleet expense categories, but until recently there haven’t been many good software options available to support more efficient and effective use of tires. Now, however, there’s Revvo, which uses sensors mounted on the insides of tires to collect data on metrics such as tire pressure, alignment, road conditions and other items. Revvo’s sensors transmit this data to Revvo’s cloud, where it is further analyzed to help make predictions about future tire lifespans and other issues.

Key Takeaways:

  • There seems to be an app for everything in the trucking industry because routes have GPS while oil analyzers have been created for oil.
  • Some questions that fleets have to answer is what they are doing so that their tires could provide more miles to them.
  • When tires are mismanaged, they can greatly contribute to a huge cost of ownership and increased downtimes that are costly for the fleet.

“While fuel budgets may be getting some relief because of alternative fuels and increasing fuel efficiency, it seems tires just continue to get more expensive.”

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