These are the Top 10 Most Google-Searched Car Brands of 2016

By Team Writer / January 5, 2017

I am writing a summary on the top ten cars google release d in the year .Chevy loses its crown and Honda has. Come out the winner. Last year Chevy came out. With the title but Honda came through with it introduce in the crossover . It was the second most popular story of motor trend this year . Thank you for reading my summary.

Key Takeaways:

  • Every salesman on the lot knew about this car. But no one questioned the morality of trying to sell a car that would soon need a new engine.
  • A dealership I once worked for took a car in on trade that turned out to have a bad engine.
  • Of course, every salesperson knows that’s not always the case. But as an employee of my dealership that’s what I’m expected to do — sell cars, not talk people out of buying.

“Last year, Chevrolet was the most searched car company in the U.S. Dodge followed in second, while Honda trailed in third.”

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