The trip highlights the potential for self-driving technology in the commercial trucking industry.

By Team Writer / October 28, 2016

Uber has allegedly accomplished what so many others have been working toward for years. It has produced the first autonomous truck that can deliver goods without a driver behind the wheel. The truck supposedly made its first self-driven delivery to a Budweiser plant in Colorado. While there is still far to go before this will be a common occurrence on American highways, it marks a giant step forward in technology.

Key Takeaways:

  • The truck’s arrival marked the completion of a 120-mile trip, and the success of the world’s first self-driven commercial shipment, autonomous trucking startup Otto announced Tuesday.
  • It was a unique trip because once the truck merged onto the highway, it navigated without human intervention — using cameras, radar and laser sensors to steer, accelerate and brake autonomously.
  • The driver, Walter Martin, got up from behind the wheel and kept an eye on the truck’s progress from his bunk in the back of the cab.

“A self-driving truck takes to the road with no one behind the wheel.”

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