The Tales Trailer Tires Tell

By Team Writer / March 27, 2017

You can say what you want about the tire, but it will not lie to you at all. If there are problems with something like your wheel alignment, or suspensions, or braking, then your tires will gladly let you know there is an issue. If they are being over inflated, they will also tell you. To understand what is going on, read the wear patterns.

Key Takeaways:

  • If there are problems with wheel alignment, suspensions, braking or chassis, your tires will be happy to tell you, if you just take a look.
  • For starters, remember that trailers that run loaded a majority of the time historically experience less erratic or irregular wear issues. Empty, light trailers have a tendency to “bounce” when going down the road.
  • The bottom line is simple and should be communicated to all drivers: If they notice tire wear during an inspection, immediate attention and corrective action is the only measure that will alleviate or slow these processes once they begin.

“As with pretty much anything in trucking today, keeping your trailer and tag axle tires in good shape falls primarily to your drivers. A good fleet maintenance program will include proper air pressure for the vehicles and loads they actually carry. And matching the correct air pressure to the load promotes even wear on trailer tires.”

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