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By Team Writer / July 17, 2019

Drivers should realize that when law enforcement are doing roadside inspections, they take a first look at the appearance of the vehicle and want to see whether it has dents, scratches, or is clean. These are telltale signs to them of whether the driver is a careful driver that maintains his vehicle. Brian Mofford, vice president of government experience for a firm states that law enforcement would believe that a driver is organized and careful if the visual inspection of the vehicle shows that it does not have dents or scratches. But when a truck looks in bad state, they tend to give it further scrutiny and carry out roadside inspections. One of the things officers start to look for is to see whether the lights are working and whether there is debris on the vehicle. Therefore, knowing this fact, drivers need to be prepared and organized. The drivers should recognize that roadside inspection is for the good of the driver and other users of the road. They should be professional while this is going on and not fret. When law enforcement is satisfied with the condition of the vehicle, they give the driver a sticker to place on the vehicle which states that no inspection would be carried on it again for 90 days.

Key Takeaways:

  • Keeping a truck clean will tend to make roadside inspections go smoother.
  • Having a CVSA sticker will help lesson the likelihood of an inspection in the near future.
  • While not states offer inspections on demand, companies with good records may find officers more willing to work with them.

“Fred Fakkema, vice president of compliance at Zonar, added that officers often start by looking to see if lights are working and if the vehicle is free of debris.”

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