The next Uber will come from the $1.2 trillion global truck and shipping industry – CNBC

By Team Writer / May 27, 2019

Driving a semi-truck is no easy feat. It takes a very special kind of individual who has the energy to do nothing but drive and the mental capacity to pass the test required to operate the vehicle. With the success of Uber and Lyft type services, CNBC found it fitting to profile the US trucking market and what some of the companies are attempting to offer in terms of different services as well as upgraded technology and cloud based analytics.

Key Takeaways:

  • The U.S. trucking sector alone generates a massive 260 billion dollars in annual revenue.
  • The revenue generated by the U.S. trucking market comes to about 20% of the entire worldwide market.
  • Although the business remains largely fragmented, trucks are responsible for delivering 75% of all products shipped annually.

“Convoy, founded by former Amazon executives, has raced to a $1-billion-plus valuation, with a plan to make the big-rig market much more efficient, while Flexport extends digital flexibility to all types of shipping.”

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