The Latest UPS Delivery Vehicle Isn’t a Drone, It’s a Golf Cart

By Team Writer / July 5, 2017

Out of all the possible uses of a Golf cart, I had not think about this one. I was pleasantly surprised to see that in the age of drones and autonomous vehicles a golf cart is being used as a United Postal Service Inc’s (UPS) delivery vehicle. Seeing a golf cart in the fleet of a logistics giant was very interesting. Read more details about it the article.

Key Takeaways:

  • UPS uses jumbo jets, hybrid electric vans and, sometimes, drones.
  • UPS delivers 5 billion packages yearly.
  • They have started using golf carts and some drivers don’t like it.

“United Parcel Service Inc. uses jumbo jets, hybrid electric vans and, sometimes, drones to deliver nearly 5 billion packages each year.”


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