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By Team Writer / May 20, 2019

The amount of exports that come from Canada has always been a substantial number due to their dollar being worth less than the American dollar. In association to this statistic, Great Falls is naturally seeing a large number of imports and exports within their area. The future in commercial trucking in Great Falls is quite promising, with Turbo Auto Transport alone managing between 300-500 trucking routes in Canada each month. The number of imports and exports surrounding this region are not expected to diminish any time soon, making it a great opportunity for those looking for stable work.

Key Takeaways:

  • In the trucking industry, there has not been much of a growth in the career field but a lot of increase in job responsibilities have occurred.
  • There are a lot of exports to Canada from the Great Falls as the Canadian dollar is less valuable than the American dollar.
  • A company in Great Falls, Turbo Auto Transport, delivers about three to five hundred trips of trucks to Canada from Great Falls every month.

“The trucking industry in Great Falls has seen a dramatic increase in importing and exporting goods; especially with our Canadian neighbors to the north.”

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