Terror by Truck: It’s Happened Again

By Team Writer / April 17, 2017

Vehicular terrorism is a thing now. It is where someone uses a vehicle to hurt and/or threaten others. They might run the vehicle into people or property. It can lead to deaths or severe damage. This has happened many times. A recent one was at a German Christmas market and many died.

Key Takeaways:

  • An apparent terrorist stole a truckload of beer and crashed it through the front of a Swedish department store killing three.
  • In the hours following the crash no group has yet claimed responsibility.
  • Preventing such attacks entirely is not possible, but there are steps we can all take now to reduce the potential risk.

“I think these small-scale attacks should be a wakeup call for a potentially larger and better organized effort. We are just now starting to tackle the issue of cybersecurity as it relates to our rolling assets.”


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