Technological Advances Will Put Downward Pressure on Overall Fleet Size

By Team Writer / April 3, 2017

Advances in technology will put downward pressure on the overall fleet size. That will also mean that the need for some fleet vehicles will be totally eliminated. The good thing is that fleet management will survive this, but they will be in a smaller capacity than they were before. They are also likely to be in a different form as well.

Key Takeaways:

  • Industries should not turn a blind eye towards the broad range of technological advances which could lead to the inevitable undermining of jobs.
  • Remote visualization will soon become a more proficient and cost-effective way for businesses to operate.
  • Though the need for fleet vehicles seems to be reducing, future technological advances may revolutionize the overall industry.

“The key takeaway from Sony Pictures is that this technology will be here sooner than we think. The technological breakthrough will be what they called untethered virtual reality that will allow device-free, location-based holograms in retail applications (demonstrating the use of cosmetics, in the case of L’Oréal) and in entertainment where Sony envisions participants actually becoming part of the game or movie.”

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