Talking Trucking at the White House

By Team Writer / May 4, 2017

How are trucking and the White House linked? Well, trucking is important to all of America because that is how freight gets from place to place. The things you buy at the store all had to be trucked somewhere. Even if they flew they were trucked first. This talks about the White House’s view on all of this and provides an interesting perspective.

Key Takeaways:

  • Chances are you saw the photos and video of President Trump hamming it up in the driver’s seat of one of the ATA trucks parked on the White House lawn.
  • At the discussions inside the White House, Burch was able to present to the president an “I [heart] Trucks” lapel button (after some discussion among Secret Service and other handlers).
  • ATA has formed a highway funding task force, and they were there to let make sure President Trump knows that trucking needs to be part of the infrastructure funding discussion.

“If you see President Trump wearing an “I heart trucks” lapel pin, thank Kevin Burch.”

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