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By Team Writer / August 27, 2019

The trucking industry is hemorrhaging, with more and more of its people retiring and a dearth of younger people to fill in the openings. The industry is trying creative ways to focus on recruiting newcomers to the industry. One challenge they’re trying to overcome is the perception that truck work is a low-talent skill and a dead-end job, when such a job in fact causes you to develop many useful skills. Their most common new recruits are young, tech-savvy people who are willing to learn new talents while not being interested in a four year college degree.

Key Takeaways:

  • The trucking company finds itself at a difficult impasse, with an aging population of qualified technicians and a dearth of qualified candidates entering the field.
  • Realizing that they are competing against a “college for all” trend, trucking bigwigs are realizing that their window of opportunity is probably high school.
  • The industry is casting a wide recruitment net, seeking out the military, community colleges, high schools, and even middle schools, for potential candidates.

“Trucking companies are pulling out all the stops to find, recruit, educate, train, develop and recognize the next generation of commercial vehicle technicians.”

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