Taking the Individualized Approach to Safety

By Team Writer / February 28, 2019

Massachusetts-based company Boyle Transportation recently won the HDT Safety & Compliance award and for good reason. The company places immense value on their drivers and even refers to them as ‘professional drivers’. Boyle sets the bar high with their industry-standard safety initiatives and programs that every person in the company embraces with enthusiasm. Boyle has even been named the “Best Fleet to Drive For” several years in a row by the Truckload Carriers Association. According to transportation manager Mike Lasko, safety and security is not something that he has to ‘sell’ to staff, it’s just what Boyle does. Lasko cites himself as a source of advocacy and support for the drivers, taking a proactive approach whenever they need a helping hand.

Key Takeaways:

  • Michael Lasko first thought that the offer from Boyle Transportation to be its safety manager was “too good to be true” until he met with its managers.
  • Lasko observed that instead of treating its drivers as just drivers, everyone he spoke to at Boyle referred to them as “professional drivers” which impressed him.
  • Lasko has worked with some of the best hands at three different companies as safety manager.

“Lasko deals with challenges during his day-to-day duties, including the biggest challenge of all — creating and implementing safety programs and initiatives that everyone will not just tolerate but embrace.”

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