Solar-Powered Tracker Designed to Help Fleets Protect Assets

By Team Writer / December 11, 2021

For trucking and transportation companies, trucks are their greatest asset. They literally run their business, and protecting these assets is a matter of survival for trucking enterprises. Trackers that they implement can ensure the assets are utilized in an efficient way and protected from improper use. They can be implemented for assets that are independently powered or powered by other vehicles. One of the newest products in this family is a tracker that utilizes solar energy and stores enough energy to be ran overnight.

Key Takeaways:

  • There is a new solar powered tracker for truck fleets that is available for managing mobile assets.
  • The Solar Tracker is a GPS device and it runs on solar power by day and has long lasting batteries for night.
  • The Solar Tracker is integrated with the TN360 operating platform. These systems allow fleet managers to have a view of all their trailers.

“The Solar Tracker is fully integrated with Teletrac Navman’s AI-enabled TN360 operating platform, as well as the Director platform.”

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