Smart Trailers Face a Huge Hurdle

By Team Writer / December 13, 2021

Technology that can take into account real time factors and adjust the controls accordingly is present in all spheres of our lives. Trucking and transportation are industries where implementation of these smart devices is wide, albeit hidden from general public. Devices control now the way truckers work and, even more importantly, connectivity and integration are becoming streamlined and optimized. The consequences of this development will be felt not only in transportation segment, but also in industries supporting it.

Key Takeaways:

  • Smart trailers first started off with air tire pressure and add ons such as open and close door sensor.
  • One of the issues with smart trailers is that there are so many different pin connections depending on devices
  • Many companies are investing millions and millions of dollars into smart trailer technology but there are still many hurdles in the process

“We still rely on 60-year-old technology to manage communications between the tractor and trailer: the seven-pin J560 connector.”

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