Seattle Increases Fuel Efficiency with Hybrid Ambulances

By Team Writer / November 22, 2016

We talk all the time about fuel and how it is important , we pay millions and millions to improve the efficiency of everything and fuel is one of them . One of the most successful improvements that happened is what Seattle did , which is the invention of technology that enable you to achieve more miles with one gallon and decrease the level of Carbon Dioxide .. This tech is used for the ambulance cars and already achieved high score in increasing the miles per gallon .

Key Takeaways:

  • The City of Seattle has achieved a 23% increase in miles driven per gallon and a 19% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions in its hybrid ambulance vehicles, exceeding the city’s expectations, XL Hybrids announced.
  • Miles driven per gallon measures MPG while the vehicle is being driven and excludes idling time.
  • The company retrofitted two of the Seattle Fire Department’s Ford E-350 ambulances with its XL3 Hybrid Electric Drive System.

“The hybrid-electric ambulances have been used over tens of thousands of miles of driving on Seattle’s steeply graded urban streets and in fluctuating temperature.”

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