Safety Schism: Truck Groups Draw Lines over ELD, Speed-Limiter Rules

By Team Writer / April 23, 2017

“FMCSA has proposed that large commercial trucks be equipped with a speed limiting device. The Trucking Alliance strongly believes that excessive large truck speeds are critical factors in the severity of injuries and fatalities in large truck accidents.” The Alliance “supports a truck speed limiter rule in which the maximum speed setting is no more than 65 mph.” FMCSA created the PSP to help carriers make more informed hiring decisions, by providing secure, electronic access to the FMCSA’s commercial driver’s five-year crash and three-year inspection history.

Key Takeaways:

  • Truck Groups Draw Lines over ELD, Speed-Limiter Rules
  • together those two rulemakings would “cost our industries over $2.845 billion to implement, without providing any meaningful safety or economic value to our members or the American public.
  • still “it is imperative for DOT to work with the regulated community and Congress to mitigate the negative impact of this excessive regulation.

“A proxy war of words over how the Trump administration should approach existing and proposed truck-safety rules has erupted among some trucking and stakeholder groups.”

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