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By Team Writer / July 15, 2019

Inspecting vehicles both before and after trips is a crucial part of fleet safety. Drivers should use a flashlight to inspect the chamber and slack adjusters, and watch the dashboard air pressure gauges. Less experienced drivers may struggle with inspections, so fleet owners can use technology to monitor them. Programs such as Zonar and TripVision help to both monitor and manage safety inspections. There also also systems such as Tire Optix which focus solely on tires. Using technology is a great way to ensure that vehicle inspections are being performed as they should.

Key Takeaways:

  • A proper inspection ensures the personal safety of the driver as well as the safety of the vehicle and equipment.
  • For some new drivers, roadside inspections are stressful and they might forget to check some simple things.
  • P&B Transport uses Zonar to monitor their vehicles and alert them when repairs are needed.

“He recently told Fleet Owner that all of FedEx’s equipment adheres to a regular preventive maintenance schedule.”

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