Peterbilt’s Jason Skoog aims to deliver performance on every platform

By Team Writer / September 21, 2019

As general manager of Peterbilt and vice president of PACCAR, Jason Skoog is a fresh face who possesses deep industry knowledge. He says what he likes about the business is, at the end of the day, it is still a people business, and the foundation of the relationships is trust. “If a customer buys a Peterbilt,” he states, “it’s got to perform like a Peterbilt.” While Peterbilt currently has mostly diesel powertrain vehicles, its future lies in electric trucks. Remote diagnostics is also the future (and the present), and that’s where PACCAR Solutions Service Management fits in. It’s a data-driven portal that aims to enhance the service process. All the trucks Peterbilt sells won’t mean a thing, Skoog insists, if customers can’t keep them on the road.

Key Takeaways:

  • Jason Skoog is a leader an innovator in the trucking industry
  • New technology in the trucking business is always evolving, and Jason Skoog is an expert on these innovations
  • Peterbilt is currently conducting trials of electric truck components which are aimed at increasing efficiency

“As you know, you can have the best truck in the world, but if it’s not rolling, it’s not working.”

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