Peloton Scores a Platooning Point

By Team Writer / September 9, 2019

The California-based Peloton Technology has emerged as one of the leading voices in truck platooning, which is essentially a connected system of multiple trucks. While many thought platooning was not showing much promise, Peloton stayed confident in the idea and CEO Josh Switkes announced a new system where the secondary truck does not need a driver. Switkes argues that, with less truck drivers around but also higher loads, that implementing platooning systems will be great for increasing the efficiency of truck drivers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Daimler recently reported lackluster results on new trucks and aerodynamic systems, and has stopped work to focus on autonomous vehicles instead
  • Peloton Technology continues to work on the truck platooning technology that Daimler has given up in favor of autonomous vehicle testing
  • The CEO of Peloton, Josh Switkes, strongly believes in platooning technology and insists it can be used to increase safety, economy, and efficiency

“Based on reports of their work – as well as Daimler’s own initial assessments, it should be noted — truck platooning sounded highly promising as both a fuel economy and a safety technology.”

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