Parking Searches Can Cost Drivers $4,600 Annually

By Team Writer / December 21, 2016

Truck parking availability is a top concern of the trucking industry and ATRI highlighted the anxiety that truckers feel through its Truck Parking Diary research findings. Truck stops were urged to better police non-commercial use of truck parking spaces to prevent vehicles from taking up more than a single lane and use public sector funding when available to expand facilities.

Key Takeaways:

  • The truck parking diary collected detailed data from commercial truck drivers who agreed to provide documentation of their challenges in looking for safe, available truck parking.
  • Over the course of 14 days, these truckers recorded their parking experiences and issues, representing over 4,700 parking stops.
  • Weekends and mid-day were often the easiest times to find available parking, according to the study.

“Drivers typically dedicated an average of 56 minutes of available drive time to parking, rather than risking not being able to find parking down the road.”

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