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Anheuser-Busch Orders Tesla Electric Semi-Trucks


It’s being reported that one of Teslas Largest orders so far is going to the beer giant.




The Tesla Semi 07 will be a big rig that can serve regional areas.

They claim it will have a range of 500 miles fully loaded before needing to be recharged.

It will have an amazing drag coefficient of 0.65,  a typical class 8 truck clocks in at 0.60-0.90 coefficient of drag .

For sake of comparison the Toyota Prius comes in at 0.24, so the big rig is super slick cutting through the air.

This thing looks amazingly futuristic inside and out.

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Montana Trucker hauls U.S. Capitol Christmas tree


Weeks prior to the United States Forest Solution introduced the choice of owner-operator Larry Spiekermeier and also Whitewood Transportation to transport the 2017 UNITED STATE Capitol Xmas Tree, Spiekermeier recognized he and also his company were solid challengers.

“It just goes to show you that when you concentrate on doing your job well and safely, there are some pretty amazing opportunities that can result, ” said Larry Spiekermeier, the driver chosen to transport the tree.

Kenworth Truck Company November 20, 2017 0 Tweet Share




But Spiekermeier could not tell a sole, not even his spouse, Mary Ann, or their 3 grown kids, that they were just one of few finalists.  It wasn’t easy for him to keep his secret from them.

“When I first learned from Whitewood Transport’s safety director (Brad Wilson) I might be driving the Kenworth T680 that would deliver the U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree, I was speechless, ”

Spiekermeier said. “If you would have told me at the start of my driving career in 1968 that I would one day be stepping up to the plate to deliver ‘The People’s Tree’ to the U.S. Capitol, I would never, ever have imagined it.”


Source: Vehicle Service Pros

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Max Sentence For VW Exec in Diesel Scandal Trial

A Volkswagon executive has pleaded guilty to federal charges after being arrested earlier this year for violating the Clean Air Act.

Automotive News reports that the judge sentenced him to 7 years in prison and a $400,000 fine.

This is the maximum sentence and highest possible fine you can receive for this white-collar crime.

The judge said he was responsible for a massive cover-up and was the key conspirator in the dirty deed.
His lawyer had asked for 40 months supervised release and “only” a $100,000 fine, but no dice.<
The prosecution basically called him a big fat liar and apparently, the judge agreed.

So at this point…. case closed.

Source: Automotive News (Subscription required)

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National Safety Council Calls GM’s In-Car Marketplace Dangerous

General Motors announced a new service called GM Marketplace

It allows owners of some GM brands to purchase food and other items from their infotainment screens.

One consumer group called National Safety Council is opposed to the idea.

But GM says it was created to be safer than placing orders over a mobile phone with fewer steps.

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Meet the Latest Fisker Concept- Check out Orbit

legendary car designer Henrik Fisker tweeted an interesting image with the line, “An exciting Fisker product in a whole new segment coming soon. The future of mobility will change forever.”

It looks very cool and futuristic


The plan is for it to be fully autonomous

Sources are skeptical that it can be ready based on the timeline he mentioned.

Source: Fisker via Twitter

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No More Driving Under The Speed Limit In Nevada’s Left Lanes!


Few things are as frustrating as cars that won’t even drive the speed limit in the left lane. Fortunately for Nevada drivers, doing so is now officially illegal. While everyone knows that drivers regularly fudge the rules while out on the road, widespread awareness of the new law change should at least keep the overly cautious, speed-fearing types over to the right!

Many people have already been ticketed for dipping below 55 in the left lane since the law’s inception in July of 2017. The initial ticket is a stinging fine of $50, and repeat offenses will cost up to $250. If this isn’t a deterrent for clogging up the left side of the road, what is?

Of course, it must also be understood that the left lane is still meant for passing. Anyone expected to blaze through at high velocity is still prone to being ticketing for speeding. You must also be careful of any emergency or construction vehicles that might be taking up that side of the road on official duty; the new law has exceptions that state such vehicles are well within their right to travel more slowly if needed.

Czech Automaker Skoda Will Wait To Enter U.S. Market

Skoda said it would make a decision this year on whether or not to enter the U.S. market, but it looks like the Czech automaker needs more time to make up its mind. According to a report from Autocar, Skoda is putting its U.S. ambitions on hold to focus on low-cost cars for India.

Earlier this year, Volkswagen Group teamed up with Tata Motors in the hopes of building a low-cost car for emerging markets. Skoda was recruited to lead the project for VW, leaving the brand little time to focus on its plans for the U.S. “We will need more time to work on the U.S. plans now,” Skoda CEO Bernhard Maier told Autocar.

“There is no hurry to rush into the U.S. and no deadline to even decide if we should be looking to go there,” Maier added. “There’s no need to make a decision right away.”


Source: Autocar

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