What to Consider When Choosing Lift Axles

By Team Writer / September 1, 2019

Adding lift axles to your truck comes with both pros and cons. Although it allows the truck to carry a greater weight, it also makes maneuverability more difficult. One also has to consider that an axle design that’s acceptable in one state might not be acceptable in another. Different types of lift axles can potentially be more difficult to implement, with factors to consider such as if the axle works with your choice of tire. Lift axles come with two ratings, one for the axle itself and one for how much it can help carry.

Key Takeaways:

  • While a lift axle will certainly add payload capacity to your vehicle, it does also bring considerable extra weight.
  • Although liftable axles are allowed in many jurisdictions, they may also have specific requirements.
  • Those requirements for liftable axles on trailors can include automatic lifting or steering capability.

“There is no single lift-axle configuration that works everywhere, because of the wide variety of state and local regulations applicable to axle weights and spreads.”

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The importance of electrical wiring

By Team Writer / August 31, 2019

Having proper electrical wiring is crucial and can prevent costly failures. Corrosion can cause a lot of trouble, so you want to make sure your wiring is noncorrosive. Make sure to use quality, sturdy connectors. Having a proper electrical harness system that can cope with difficult weather is a necessity for having a good electrical system. Above all, it’s important that you do proper research on your electrical system so you know which devices get the best results.

Key Takeaways:

  • The heavy-duty electrical assemblies you choose to install within your vehicles must come in an anti-corrosive housing.
  • The corrosive elements that attack vehicles on the highway, due to weather and road condition can not be over-estimated.
  • Quick change components that lock out corrosion are also absolutely necessary.

“From unscheduled downtime and CSA violations, an electrical system failure can be serious, so invest wisely as you look to put the products on your equipment that will have the lowest total cost of ownership.”

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Enhancing safety through lighting

By Team Writer / August 29, 2019

LED lighting systems, with their greater reliability and superior lifespans, can offer a significant safety advantage relative to older lighting systems. LED systems also have the advantage of generating light which is closer to sunlight than that from incandescent bulbs. It therefore makes perfect sense that over the last several years LED lighting systems have achieved a dramatic advantage in sales to the commercial vehicle industry over incandescent lights. LED lights can help make your vehicle more conspicuous and reduce the risk of a light failing unexpectedly.

Key Takeaways:

  • LED lighting is more reliable than incandescent lighting and has a superior quality.
  • In the future, lighting activated by sensors will become the standard.
  • Conspicuity tape loses its reflective quality over time, so it needs to be frequently inspected and replaced.

“Fleet Equipment asked Brett Johnson, president and chief executive officer of Optronics International, what fleets can do to enhance safety through lighting.”

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Talent Wanted: Truck Technicians – Transport Topics Online

By Team Writer / August 27, 2019

The trucking industry is hemorrhaging, with more and more of its people retiring and a dearth of younger people to fill in the openings. The industry is trying creative ways to focus on recruiting newcomers to the industry. One challenge they’re trying to overcome is the perception that truck work is a low-talent skill and a dead-end job, when such a job in fact causes you to develop many useful skills. Their most common new recruits are young, tech-savvy people who are willing to learn new talents while not being interested in a four year college degree.

Key Takeaways:

  • The trucking company finds itself at a difficult impasse, with an aging population of qualified technicians and a dearth of qualified candidates entering the field.
  • Realizing that they are competing against a “college for all” trend, trucking bigwigs are realizing that their window of opportunity is probably high school.
  • The industry is casting a wide recruitment net, seeking out the military, community colleges, high schools, and even middle schools, for potential candidates.

“Trucking companies are pulling out all the stops to find, recruit, educate, train, develop and recognize the next generation of commercial vehicle technicians.”

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Pace Transportation becomes Stoughton Dealer – Fleet Owner

By Team Writer / August 25, 2019

Pace Transportation, the company formerly known as Pace Trailer, recently became a member of the Stoughton Trailer network of dealers in Michigan. They have set up a trailer available for testing for those who may be interested in owning a Stoughton van or trailer, but who wish to test it first. They also offer services such as repair, sales, financing, leasing, service, and painting, 24 hours a day. Pace’s COO and president expressed his excitemtn on becoming part of the Stoughton organization.

Key Takeaways:

  • Pace will serve several locations in Michigan including western, northern lower,and eastern Michigan.
  • Pace switched from Pace Transportation and is now apart of the Stoughton trailer deal network
  • Pace will offer a Stoughton trailer for a day so clients can test it out.

“To help introduce the Stoughton line, Pace has set up a dedicated “test trailer” that can be tested for a day by those who want to get a feel for the 2019 Stoughton Z-Plate Van.”

Read more: https://www.fleetowner.com/fleet-management/pace-transportation-becomes-stoughton-dealer

Former FreightWaves exec talks transparency, “third-wave” freight-tech and the value of empathy

By Team Writer / August 23, 2019

Jenny Xu believes in empathy as a powerful source for succeeding in business. Once a managing director at FreightWaves, she now works with Carggo. While she was employed at FreightWaves, she got in touch with Carggo–which was in the process of designing their product–and eventually made the jump from her current company. Since then, Carggo has progressed to the next stage of its product’s development. Xu has said that the company’s goal is to bring technology into everyday life. With automation becoming inevitable in many aspects of society, Xu believes that it is integral to maintain human elements–namely, empathy. She is scheduled to speak in November at an event arranged by FreightWaves despite her current employment at Carggo.

Key Takeaways:

  • Jenny Xu left FreightWaves to become the new chief executive of Carggo, a digital freight platform that serves third-party logistics companies.
  • Carggo is attempting to democratize access to data and technology, particularly among small- to medium-sized carriers, brokers and shippers.
  • Xu stresses the importance of the human element, ease of access, and empathizing with the user has has traditionally been left behind.

“In a recent telephone interview, Xu talked about synergies between her former and current employers, freight-tech’s “third wave” and how empathy is a key ingredient for success.”

Read more: https://www.freightwaves.com/news/former-freightwaves-exec-talks-transparency-third-wave-freight-tech-and-the-value-of-empathy

The Technician’s Vital Role in Trucking – Transport Topics Online

By Team Writer / August 21, 2019

An important component in the trucking pipeline is the technician, who allows the truck driver to complete their transport jobs by servicing and repairing the trucks. There is a shortage of technicians, and the industry must attract new techs. It is a rewarding job with opportunities for lucrative compensation and advancement, but it faces the challenge of its perception as an unskilled and unrewarding job. In fact, technicians use the latest technology and don’t just work with their hands. Also, more people in the beginning of their careers are going into college instead of trades, which might not work for everyone; those people should consider a technician career instead. It is a job market that will never die as long as there is shipping. There are contests and resources available to support beginning and future technicians.

Key Takeaways:

  • A major concern of the trucking industry is the widely reported shortage of professional truck drivers.
  • There also are opportunities for technicians to advance into management roles
  • Today’s technicians don’t simply turn wrenches; they connect their laptop computers to trucks to perform critical diagnostics.

“A major concern of the trucking industry is the widely reported shortage of professional truck drivers, who of course play a vital role in the U.S. economy by safely transporting the nation’s freight.”

Read more: https://www.ttnews.com/articles/technicians-vital-role-trucking

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