Pit Group to Evaluate Fuel Efficiency of 5 Tire Brands

Pit Group made the announcement that a focus of their studies this year will be on the effects on the efficiency of fuel consumption utilizing five different tire brands. Testing will occur in Canada sometime in the month of June; the brands tested will include BF Goodrich, Bridgestone, Continental, Goodyear, and Michelin brand tires. Pit Group is known for the research that they conduct in North America to improve efficiency and operational maintenance.

Key Takeaways:

  • During Energotest, tires from BF Goodrich, Bridgestone, Continental, Goodyear, and Michelin will undergo a series of fuel economy tests using stringent protocols to measure the performance of each tire.
  • Each member lists issues they are facing and our engineers create a list of potential items to test.
  • Type III testing will test each tire on several identical vehicles, by switching tires from one test vehicle to another between tests, to clearly measure the impact on fuel consumption.

“Pit Group announced that its Spring Energotest in Blainville, Quebec, Canada, will focus on the fuel economy of tires, evaluating the efficiency of five brands.”


FMCSA Finally Releases Entry-Level Driver Training Rule

New rules go into effect that will benefit trucking companies and new drivers who recently have received a CDL. The rule now allows truckers to be hired without the 30 hours of over the road experience. Training is still required from an instructional program that meets qualification standards. This new rule makes it easier for trucking companies across the United States.

FMCSA Finally Releases Entry-Level Driver Training Rule

Report: Autonomous Trucks Could Kill Millions of Jobs by 2030

Self driving vehicles are coming but this is not necessarily good news for everyone. Some are excited about them because they’ll help the disabled. There’s more to it, though. These could take over jobs from humans. This is obviously not good for them. There are millions of jobs which can be affected by this.

Key Takeaways:

  • Autonomous Trucks Could Kill Millions of Jobs by 2030
  • Autonomous trucks will lead to huge layoffs.
  • over two million drivers in the U.S. and Europe could be directly displaced,

“Autonomous trucks will lead to huge layoffs. And if regulating bodies don’t start working together now to adopt driverless technology, chaos could ensue.”


Google’s Waze Carpool Service Expands in Calif.

On June 6, Southern California will be receiving an upgrade to their pre-existing Waze mapping and navigation service. This service will be similar to competitors like Uber and Lyft but differ in that this carpool based service will initially not require riders to pay a commission. Drivers will not need special insurance or additional licensing, as the service is considered non-commercial.

Key Takeaways:

  • Waze is launching its app in Southern California on June 6th
  • Waze Carpool allows users to request a ride to carpool.
  • drivers don’t need special insurance or background checks.

“Waze Carpool allows users to request a ride to carpool with a drive using its mobile app.”


Unemployment Rate Drops To 16-Year Low

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported a job loss rate in America fell 0.1%. This is the lowest it has been since May 2001. There are job gains in mining, quarrying, and oil and gas extraction. Gains have also been seen in health care and construction industries. Work week hours are averaging 34.4 and private non-farm payrolls rose to $26.22. Also, private-sector production and non supervisory employees payroll increased to $22.00. The country’s lowest unemployment rates were found in Ames, Iowa and Boulder, Colorado. The highest unemployment rates were found in El Centro, California

Unemployment Rate Drops To 16-Year Low

Safety Companies Offer Advice Ahead of Roadcheck 2017

It’s almost that time again. Time for the annual Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance International Roadcheck, a nation wide safety check of commercial vehicles from June sixth through June eighth. The inspections are carried out in an effort to assure safe operating conditions of commercial vehicles. This years emphasis will be on cargo securement. Companies like Bendix Commercial Vehicle systems and Instructional Technologies will be offering advice and free classes on vehicle maintenance, and proper techniques to secure cargo leading up to the June safety inspections.

Key Takeaways:

  • Several trucking safety brands are offering free training and advice to help fleets prepare for roadside inspections.
  • Whip Around has announced that it will be offering a new basic version of its vehicle inspection software for free in time for the 2017 International Roadcheck.
  • This year’s Roadcheck takes place from June 6-8 and will put special emphasis on cargo securement.

“The course focuses on securement rules for flatbed cargo as well as safe operating instructions for securing cargo.”


Wash. Gets Stricter Distracted Driving Law

Distracted driving is dangerous. There’s a lot to this. Not paying attention could cause you to break other laws but could actually kill people as well. The laws are getting stricter and this is going to keep many safe. There are many laws in place to do this and this is just another one which is for the common good.

Key Takeaways:

  • Washington State has a new anti-distracted driving law.
  • Behavior unrelated to handheld electronic devices will also be subject to fines.
  • Violations will become part of the driver’s record for insurance companies.

“Washington State’s new anti-distracted driving law, which bans use of handheld electronic devices while driving on a public highway, goes into effect on July 23.”


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