Pa. Equips Snow Plows with Vehicle Locators

By Team Writer / November 14, 2016

When it snows, everyone seems to have difficulties — even though it seems like the way people handle the snow depends on where they grew up (and how much snow that place even managed to get in the first place). The east coast tends to get a lot of snow, though — and people have a tendency to go ahead and get lost. In “Pa. Equips Snow Plows with Vehicle Locators”, the article talks about how parts of Pennsylvania intend to combat that with their snow plows.

Key Takeaways:

  • The state has allotted $205 million for statewide winter operations, including 4,800 on-the-road workers and over 768,000 tons of salt.
  • The state’s snow plow trucks are equipped with computerized salt spreaders that allow operators to calibrate the exact amount of salt to be distributed regardless of speed.
  • The program is part of Governor Tom Wolf’s GO-TIME initiative, a state-wide effort to maximize efficiency and modernize state government operations through inter agency coordination and corroboration.

“The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) will install automatic vehicle location (AVL) technology on all 2,200 of its plow trucks this winter in an effort to increase government transparency and improve interdepartmental efficiency”

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