Over-Height Detection System Installed in NYC

By Team Writer / November 18, 2016

A new over-height detection system has been installed on two New York Parkways. The detection systems use infrared technology to detect vehicles illegally using the parkways above, in order to prevent vehicles hitting the low clearance bridge. Installation cost about $4.8 million, but the new roadway additions will enhance driver safety and improve mobility.

Key Takeaways:

  • The installation of a $4.8 million over-height vehicle detection system has been completed on two New York City parkways.
  • Using infrared beams, the system identifies over-height vehicles and captures its movements on video.
  • The damage from over-height vehicles striking bridges is not only accidents and traffic delays, but repair costs for the State of New York.

“The system was installed at four locations on the Hutchinson River Parkway and one on the Grand Central Parkway.”


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