Oregon Bill Would Ban Driving With Dog on Lap

By Team Writer / February 2, 2017

An Oregon lawmaker says driving with man’s best friend on your lap may be as distracting as yapping on your smartphone. So, state Sen. Bill Hansell has introduced a bill that would prohibit the practice. The idea for the legislation, SB556, came from a constituent who said she saw another driver traveling down the road and paying more attention to the dog than the road. And it turns out that, if passed, the state that gave us Portlandia wouldn’t even be the first to enact a ban on four-footed co-pilots.

Key Takeaways:

  • A state legislator in Oregon has introduced a bill that would prohibit motorists from driving with a dog on their lap.
  • Violators would face a maximum fine of $250. State Senator Bill Hansell (R-Athena) introduced the legislation.
  • Hansell told the Washington Post the bill is intended to help curb another form of distracted driving. The idea for the legislation stems from a conversation he had with a constituent who complained about seeing another driver more preoccupied with a canine passenger than with the road ahead.

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