No Cab? No Driver? No Problem

By Team Writer / February 25, 2019

Recently at Almedalsveckan Week, Swedish company Einride unveiled its new T Pod truck, the company’s first attempt at autonomous trucking. The T Pod truck measures 23-feet long and can haul up to 15 pallets of cargo in urban delivery settings. The T Pod has an all-electric design and can travel about 124 miles powered by one charge. While there is no driver in the vehicle, the T Pod is operated remotely by a human. According to Einride executives, by 2020, the company will roll out a complete network of T Pods, along with charging stations.

Key Takeaways:

  • The T Pod is an autonomous truck unveiled by a Swedish company that was launched on July 4.
  • The T Pod is the first of its kind because it was designed as a completely driverless vehicle. There is no driver compartment even.
  • To enhance its T Pod truck, the company, Einride, is planning to install a network of charging stations connecting Swedish cities by 2020.

“The company said that, initially, the T Pod can be controlled remotely by human drivers, although it is working to establish the necessary infrastructure and support elements that will eventually allow the truck to operate completely autonomously without any active human input whatsoever.”

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