New technology helps truck drivers find safe places to park in Minnesota – Star Tribune

By Team Writer / April 29, 2019

For many truck drivers, the hardest part of their day is when they’re done their on-duty shifts, and looking for a place to park to wind down for a few hours. Most conventional rest stops fill up very quickly, making additional truck drivers struggle to find a place to pull over and rest without legal ramifications. A new technology presented by MnDOT takes photographs of rest stops in Minnesota in order to provide real-time updates to truckers on which rest stops have availability.

Key Takeaways:

  • Eight Midwestern states are rolling out technology aimed at helping beleaguered truckers find parking spots.
  • The idea is to broadcast in real time where there are rest stops with available parking places.
  • The broadcasted data will include the rest stop indicated and the specific number of spots available.

“The number of parking spots available has not kept up with demand from a growing number of trucks on the road.”

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