NAFA Opens Fleet Excellence Awards Nominations

By Team Writer / April 25, 2019

NAFA Fleet Management Association holds an annual award program that recognizes excellence in fleet professionals. In order to qualify, participants must be recognized members of the Certified Automotive Fleet Manager, also known as the CAFM. The voting process is one that removes all identifiable information, so individuals do not have to worry about their vote being exposed in any form. When the winner is being chosen, it is done so through a blind process that provides an unbiased result.

Key Takeaways:

  • The NAFA fleet management association has announced that it has opened nominations for its Fleet excellence awards that will take place in April.
  • According to the association all nominations for the awards to the April event have to be submitted on or before February 1.
  • When nominating a company to the award, nominees do not necessarily have to be a member of NAFA Fleet Management Association or a certified automotive fleet manager.

“The awards are given in two categories, including Excellence in Public Fleet or Mobility Management and Excellence in Corporate/Private Fleet or Mobility Management. Winners will be announced at the expo, which takes place from April 15-17 in Louisville, Ky.”

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