More Asphalt Paving, More Investment

By Team Writer / May 27, 2019

The market is currently good for large asphalt paver manufacturers. New technology is being incorporated in the machines to make them more precise and efficient. However, the industry is highly susceptible to instability in politics slowing growth. Many future projects are government funded. Even with this in consideration overall outlooks are good. It is important for someone to properly train their crews to use this equipment. Proper use has a huge impact on the wear of the machine.

Key Takeaways:

  • Because the market is good overall, large asphalt paver manufacturers will have reasons to smile as well as incorporate technology to increase efficiency and control of contractors.
  • Kyle Neissen, product manager for pavers and MTVs at Roadtec, states that they had a good year in 2017 but 2018 saw some headwinds and wasn’t better.
  • The Pennsylvania DOT is predicting a 7% increase in asphalt pavers total project when compared to 2018 because of the increase in interstate construction projects.

““We are experiencing a strong market for large asphalt pavers like our Cedarapids CR400, CR500, and CR600 series pavers,” says BOMAG paving products manager Henry Polk.”

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