Microsoft and AT&T Collaborate With Detroit Diesel on Detroit Connect

By Team Writer / October 6, 2016

Detroit Connect, a suite of connected vehicle services released by Detroit Diesel, will be supported by enhancements by both AT&T as well as Microsoft. This new platform will be exclusive to the Freightliner Cascaia, which will provide advanced connection solutions and vehicle performance insights.

Key Takeaways:

  • AT&T will provide Internet of Things connectivity for the new Detroit Connect Truck Data Center platform and Microsoft will support all Detroit Connect services with the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.
  • Detroit has collaborated with Microsoft to establish a new cloud-based back office environment for all Detroit Connect services, including the new features, such as Detroit Connect Remote Updates, enabled by the new Truck Data Center connectivity platform.
  • The Microsoft Azure cloud platform helps process greater amounts of vehicle performance data and delivers it reliably and more securely to customers.

“Detroit Diesel announced collaborations with AT&T and Microsoft to deliver enhancements to its Detroit Connect suite of connected vehicle services.”

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