Mack Trucks builds 100,000th truck with GuardDog Connect

By Team Writer / August 7, 2019

GuardDog Connect is a telematics system for trucks that provides proactive diagnostics and repair planning. It has now been activated on more than 100,000 Mack trucks. GuardDog Connect has the ability to alert drivers about safety issues before they become major problems. Its software sends a message to the Mack Uptime Center, which is monitored but support specialists 24/7. Diagnosis of the issue can happen without taking the vehicle off the road. A senior VP at Mack calls GuardDog Connect “an incredible tool to protect and maximize our customers’ uptime.”

Key Takeaways:

  • The GuardDog Connect integrated telematics system was first launched in 2014 by Mack Trucks.
  • The GuardDog system recently reached a hallmark moment; specifically its inclusion in the company’s 100,000th truck.
  • GuarDog is now standard issue with all models that have a Mack engine. Meanwhile Mack Trucks are themselves part of the Volvo group, headquatered in Sweden.

“GuardDog Connect is a proactive diagnostic and repair planning solution that monitors a truck’s critical fault codes and alerts drivers about potential issues before they become major problems, the company said in a release.”

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