Mack Brings Uptime Solutions to ‘Legacy’ Vehicles

By Team Writer / March 18, 2017

Mack trucks is going to start adding Geotab telemetrics solutions to its newest line of trucks. This is a particularly valuable addition because it will allow mechanics to remotely diagnose problems with the trucks in real time, allowing for prompt and effective repair. This also allows for truck repair scheduling.

Key Takeaways:

  • Mack Trucks is bringing its telematics-driven uptime solutions to customers with older Mack vehicles, the company announced at the NTEA Work Truck Show in Indianapolis.
  • The company is working with telematics technology provider Geotab to offer connectivity for older Mack trucks that are not equipped with Mack’s GuardDog Connect telematics hardware.
  • Mack’s GuardDog Connect service contact for legacy vehicles, which includes the Geotab vehicle tracking device, will be available for order through Mack dealers beginning May 1 and is compatible with all model year 2011 and newer Mack vehicles equipped with Mack engines.

“By installing a small Geotab telematics device, the Mack Uptime Center will be able to monitor the same critical vehicle codes as Mack’s GuardDog Connect hardware.”


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