Lytx Rair Checks Multiple Data Points for ELD for HOS FMCSA Compliance

By Team Writer / October 22, 2017

October 22, 2017


According to Lytx, Rair can validate electronic and paper logs with events and all the supporting documentation against the driver’s duty status.

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The log falsification checks are validated using data from fuel cards, GPS, EZPass, roadside inspections, accidents and other data points. This gives a precise analysis of documentation gaps and flags for falsified, incomplete, or inaccurate logs.

“Lytx’s expertise in taking huge volumes of data and translating it into the actionable insights that will have the biggest and most positive impact on drivers’ performance,” said Rick Walters, Lytx Rair general manager. “The powerful new Rair workspace presents those insights in an ‘at-a-glance’ dashboard of a driver’s compliance status and helps safety and compliance managers prioritize their actions to reduce risk.”

The updated RAIR workspace dashboard shows at a glance:

  • Hours-of-service violation statistics, quickly answering whether they’re trending upward or downward, how they are performing against specific HOS rules, and how violations are influencing CSA scores.
  • CSA Group BASIC scores, showing the CSA percentile for the associated DOT number in each of the 7 BASICS compared to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) intervention threshold for each BASIC. This allows users to evaluate how performance is trending and see what violation types contribute the most to the score.
  • Group ranking, quickly identifying which terminals/locations are struggling with HOS or CSA violations, enabling the safety and compliance manager to detect and address the groups or locations that are having the biggest impact on both risk and compliance.
  • Driver ranking, quickly revealing which drivers are generating HOS or CSA violations, enabling the safety and compliance manager to work with the drivers who are having the biggest impact on both risk and compliance.
  • Location Ranking, enabling the safety and compliance manager to view a roll up of performance trends by a specific location.

Rair accesses the FMCSA portal daily and the Motor Carrier Management Information System (MCMIS) database monthly to capture all violations so the Rair workspace dashboard always reflects the most current information available.

“Rair can help ensure a smooth and seamless transition as companies move from paper to electronic logs,” said Walters. “Rair will continue to offer a robust paper logs and timecard auditing solution for those companies who continue to have that need or who are exempt from the ELD mandate.”

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