Kolman’s Komments: A peek into the truck power management crystal ball

By Team Writer / March 19, 2017

Truck power management is set to evolve over the next several years. Larry Bennett, the director of Vehicle Technical Innovation at the Eaton group states that he foresees several important technological changes. Some of these changes include: Over the air programming, and smart-charging of vehicles. These technologies, applied to power trucks, should lead to great improvements in the coming years.

Key Takeaways:

  • Future truck trends will incorporate clean technology and environmental, regulational and societal concerns..
  • Larry Bennett, director of the Vehicle Technical Innovation Center at power management company Eaton’s Vehicle Group, foresees the growth of automated manual and duel clutch transmissions.
  • He also foresees electro-mechanical valve-train actuation and the transfer of passenger car valve-train technology to commercial vehicles.

“He also says there will be more electrocution of trucks to power accessories in order to reduce parasitic losses.”


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