Kenworth Predictive Cruise Update Ups Fuel Economy

By Team Writer / February 11, 2017

The fuel economy has been lifted because of a predictive cruise update. Kenworth has updated their cruise control for certain trucks to improve the fuel economy. The update happened with the 2017 emission engines and gives a 1% fuel economy improvement over the versions that are currently around, according to a man named Patrick Dean.

Key Takeaways:

  • The update was made with the launch of 2017 emission engines and provides up to a 1% improvement in fuel economy over the current versions with Predictive Cruise Control, according to Patrick Dean, Kenworth chief engineer.
  • his can improve fuel economy since the truck is using momentum instead of fuel to maintain the set cruise speed.
  • “Improved drivability and fuel economy were made possible by fine-tuning how the engine modulates speed and torque over a wide variety of actual driving conditions.”

“The system optimizes cruising speed based on topographical GPS data inputs. As the truck encounters certain types of terrain, such as rolling hills, the system modulated cruising speed to improve performance.”

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