Is corrosion curtailing your brake pad life?

By Team Writer / August 11, 2019

Brake pads fill a crucial role that subjects them to huge amounts of heat and pressure. The Global Brake Safety Council singles out corrosion as the cause of many serious brake problems that reduce the lifespan of your break pads. When selecting brake pads, it’s important to make sure the friction material is attached mechanically and not through the use of adhesives. Adhesives can break down due to the heat that brakes are exposed to, resulting in brake failure. Likewise, galvanized pads are more resistant to corrosion than painted or powder-costed ones.

Key Takeaways:

  • The chemical slurry used for de-icing roads clings to the vehicle undercarriage and causes corrosion.
  • Truck brakes experience high levels of stress, so their brake pads benefit from mechanical rather than adhesive attachment.
  • Manufacturers are now using galvanization with zinc alloy to provide a higher level of corrosion protection for truck brake pads.

“A brake pad’s life cycle is one of constant wear and replacement.”

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