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By Team Writer / June 17, 2019

Alberta in Canada will soon be testing two trucks for hydrogen power and how to drive them using the hydrogen power. The goal is to use hydrogen as fuel in order to generate zero emissions in the trucking industry. Alberta’s aim is to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions which has been on the increase in recent times and the government there states that it wants to combat this scourge. It is estimated that this hydrogen powered transport trucks being pioneered will be a first for Canada as a whole. The Alberta motor transport association is leading the pilot project in Canada. Their goal in carrying out the project is to know whether having hydrogen power on vehicles and trucks would be a viable option in Alberta and Canada and how this can reduce their greenhouse gas emissions in the long term. The project is estimated to cost fifteen million Canadian dollars and would involve the production of two heavy duty, 65 ton hybrid trucks with hydrogen fuel cells. The project is estimated to last for about three years and during that time these trucks will be used to move cargo between Edmonton and Calgary, two of the largest cities in Alberta.

Key Takeaways:

  • If electric power is a viable option for these trucks, it will greatly reduce greenhouse gases.
  • These trucks will be moving freight regularly between Calgary and Edmonton for the next three years.
  • The energy used in these trucks is not 100 percent clean as it is derived from natural gas.

“The heavy-duty freight vehicles will run on electricity that’s fueled by hydrogen, generating zero emissions.”

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